Coil springs

Lowering coil springs

Merwede Springs is producing lowering springs since 1986, and has built up a very extensive assortment with a fitting set for almost every car model. These sets are developed in our own research centre and produced in our factory. A unique combination because the entire process, from development to end result, takes place under one roof.

Because of this unique combination, Merwede Springs is not only able to meet your wishes very quickly, but also to develop and supply small series in a quick way.

Lowering coil springs are often installed on cars with pure visual purpose. At Merwede Springs, road-holding and handling come first. The intensive cooperation with Chiel Bos Suspension Technology, the company of the most successful Dutch rally driver Chiel Bos, guarantees this. Like non other, he knows how a car should feel, and which effect the springs have on road-holding and handling.

Most lowering sets are tested by the German TÜV and supplied with a certificate. At request, the customer can obtain this certificate. Merwede Springs has the required GOCA attests for the Belgium market.

Replacement coil springs

Whichever car you buy, a spring is always subject to wear and tear and does not last forever. A broken spring can occur spontaneously in any car you buy. The current speed ramps are certainly not good for springs, and scattering of salt during the winter is of influence on the longevity of the spring.

Merwede Springs produces replacement springs for the after-market for the automotive industry. These are produced according to original specifications, and distributed by sister company Suplex GmbH.