After gaining years of experience in making and developing technical springs, Mr W. van den Heuvel founded Merwede Springs in 1954. He started in a building on the Merwede canal, which gave its name to the company, and in the first years mostly industrial springs were produced in various kinds and sizes.


Because of the large growth in the production of springs, Merwede Springs moved to a larger building at the Strijkviertel in De Meern in 1966. This is also the year in which successor, Mr. B. van de Heuvel, became owner of half the company.


This building soon turned out to be too small as well, and the search began for a new location. The new Strijkviertel industrial park offered the possibility of constructing a new building. In 1985 the new building was taken into use, being the first company at the new Strijkviertel industrial park. The building is built behind the old location, making it efficient to use both buildings.

In the following years, the clientele became larger and wider. In this period, there was an increased demand for car and motor springs. Because of this growth, more investments were done in the working accommodation, machines, and materials to meet the customer demand.


In 1986 Mr. B. van den Heuvel developed a machine with which larger springs could be produced, and a start was made with the production of car springs. The first car springs were made for an Opel Manta. This type of machine (winding bench) was also sold to various spring producers over the world.


After having worked for 10 years for the company, Mr W.J. van den Heuvel (3rd generation) took over the family company in 2002. Under his supervision the company became what it is now. The demand kept on growing, and he anticipated by keeping the machine park up to date, and to further extend it. In 2010 and 2012 two company take overs took place; respectively Ferro Springs, Werkhoven, and ATV Springs, Almere.


In 2017 construction of a new production hall was started in De Meern, which will be connected to the present hall in 2019. A completely newepoxy powder coat installation with larger capacity will be built here.


In the beginning of 2018, a new share distribution took place at Suplex GmbH and Merwede Springs gained a majority interest.

Stronger together.

By joining forces of the three spring factories and one business enterprise, Merwede Springs is able to offer a complete range of car, motor, and industrial springs. This makes the possibilities for producing high quality belt and wire products almost limitless.

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