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Duurzaamheid. Het begrip is rond 1987 bedacht en uitgegroeid tot een begrip dat overal ter wereld wordt gebruikt. Duurzaamheid is rekening houden met de toekomstige generaties. Dat we nadenken over hoe wij leven en omgaan met onze aarde en daar ook naar handelen. Wij allen moeten daarom ons steentje bijdragen. Zo ook de veren industrie. Zo ook Merwede Springs.

Ben jij toe aan een nieuwe uitdaging?

Wij zijn per direct op opzoek naar leuke en enthousiaste medewerkers.

Naar wie zijn wij opzoek?
- Commercieel Medewerker Tuning
- Machine operators
- Productie medewerkers
- Vakantiemedewerkers

Ben jij of ken jij iemand die ons team moet komen aanvullen? 💪
Mail dan je CV naar Christa
Delen wordt zeer gewaardeerd!
Dear visitor, please visit us at "The Wire in Düsseldorf. This event takes place from 7-11 April 2014. You can find us at booth 16D38 for more information.

Merwede-springs in Autocross!


This sunday Maurice Huisman is traveling to the Euro Circuit in Valkenswaard with the new autocross car!

He and his team will be start testing with the new Proflex/Merwede suspension setup!

We wish him all the best and good luck!





University Racing Eindhoven

Merwede springs is always looking for new opportunities and new technical challenges in producing high quality products by looking closely to what the newest technologies are.


Since the youth is the future, we invested in them for a few years already. Again this year is a new year of competition in the University Racing and we support the Universtity Racingteam Eindhoven, also known as URE.

The electrical formula cars are designed to go as fast around the track as possible and prove the advantage of electrical cars. Merwede Springs offers URE springs during this season.


We are proud to be associated with URE because of their inventive and competitive attitude and we wish them a successful and challenging season!

 Please click URE for more information





Merwede Springs has sponsored the "Maarten Memorial" day in order to raise money for Erasmus Medical Center Daniel den Hoed Clinic in Rotterdam and give people with cancer a day they cannot forget.

The main objective: make cancer patients forget their illness for a day. How?

By inviting them to drive along from Rotterdam to the Track in Zandvoort in one of a hunderd spectacular sports cars.

In Zandvoort they have spent two hours on the Dutch national race course for a couple of fast laps.




For more information about the MaartenVanSten Memorial.





New truck and trailer for Merwede springs.


The new website is up!

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