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Motorcycle springs


Your motorcycle is standard equipped with factory mounted springs and shock absorbers. The aftermarket provides riders with the possibility of exchanging these standard springs and shock absorbers for other ones, better fitting to their personal requirements. Every motorcycle rider has different requirements regarding the handling of a motorcycle.

Even the weight of a rider, not everybody has the same weight, can be of influence on the handling of a motorcycle. There are a number of companies in the aftermarket that provide solutions for improving the handling of a motorcycle. A lot of these companies order their springs at Merwede Springs. Merwede Springs products can replace springs on both the front and rear end of the motorcycle.





Custom made

Motorcycle springs need to be manufactured with great precision. Merwede Springs with its tradition of fast anticipation and its capability of producing small series, can easily provide such. Motorcycle springs demand a very high production quality. That is why all Merwede Springs motorcycle springs are manufactured custom made according to the specifications of the client.
















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