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Industrial springs

Industrial springs

Possibilities for manufacturing springs that are used in industrial applications are almost unlimited at Merwede Springs.

Merwede Springs has built up a wide variety of clients in different industrial branches. Each client has its own specific wishes and demands. These wishes and demands are converted into high quality products by Merwede Springs. Thanks to these elaborate client relations Merwede Springs has gained a lot of experience in many interesting industrial fields. This means that Merwede Springs can be of great advice to you.




Unlimited possibilities


Springs as they are developed by Merwede Springs are more commonly used in applications such as agricultural machinery, trains, industrial installations and cars and motorcycles. Also high tech medical equipment and filtering systems are often fitted with Merwede Springs products as well. As an example we mention a few well-known projects: 

- Russian nuclear submarine Kursk:
During a practice in 2000 this submarine went down in the Beringsea. Mammoet Smit Tak, a consortium of salvage companies, raised the Kursk in 2001. Merwede Springs developed and produced especially for this salvage operation a thread guide. The thread guides were used during the salvage to prevent the 1456 cables, needed for lifting the Kursk from the bottom of the Bering Sea, from tangling up.

- London Eye (London):
This, already famous, giant wheel alongside the river Thames in London was fitted with custom made springs, each measuring several meters long.





By looking at the mentioned examples, you will notice the almost unlimited possibilities and applications for the Merwede Springs products. On top of that our clients can trust the fact that Merwede Springs is a partner equipped with the right people, the knowledge and the technical opportunities to make your custom made wishes come true.


High quality, superb precision, fast delivery, small and large production series are the key aspects for the people of Merwede Springs.




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