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A specialist’s knowledge

Merwede Springs has its own development centre for the automotive industry. This centre is located in a separate part of the production plant. Working closely together with Chiel Bos Suspension Technology, Merwede Springs develops lowering sets for each car brand. This cooperation means that Merwede Springs has been building a product range enabling us to provide you with a perfect lowering set for nearly each car. Merwede Springs develops its products mainly for private label brands in the aftermarket.


Nearly all the lowering kits are tested and approved by the German TUV. On request we supply our customers with the certificates. For the Beglium market we can submit the homologation papers (GOCA) that are required by the Belgium goverment. 






Custom made

Lowering sets are developed by Merwede Springs specialists in close cooperation with Chiel Bos Suspension Technology. When a lowering set has been declared ready for production by the development centre, manufacturing commences at the production plant.

This is a unique combination because the whole process of development up until the finished product is concentrated on only one location. This makes it possible for departments responsible for development, production and sales to work very closely together. Thanks to this unique combination of forces Merwede Springs can adapt to your wishes very quickly, but also develop, produce and deliver small series in a short time span.





Often lowering sets are used with the sole purpose of optical tuning of a car. However, at Merwede Springs handling and drivability are on the top spot. This is one of the main reasons why Merwede Springs is working in close cooperation with Chiel Bos Suspension Technology, the company of the most successful Dutch rally driver ever.






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